Get Your IPA ON!

6 Week Course beginning June 22, 2015

"Attention Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Sales Professionals...

Have you been struggling to find Marketing Strategies that ACTUALLY Make You Money?"

Make more money with IPAs

Beginning June 22nd, Shelley Mitchell, My Personal Business Coach will unveil her "Roadmap to the Bank" with Real Solutions you can implement every day. Get Your IPA On! is a 6 Week Online Workshop with:

  • simple  Action Plans to make MONEY in your business
  • a Customized, Personal, Tactical Marketing Plan
  • Plus -Follow-Up, COACHING & Accountability!

In addition, you will also receive Shelley's 3-part list building program, Build My List! Build My Business! Build My Bank Account! Product Image  This program will teach you the simple, MOST EFFECTIVE strategies to not only BUILD YOUR LIST but will also show you WHAT TO DO WITH THEM after you get them to turn into a POOL of PAYING CLIENTS - filling Your BANK ACCOUNT!





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  • Reach your financial GOALS
  • Prioritize by identifying YOUR IPAs
  • Utilize time-saving Systems without spending too much
  • Learn what marketing language sells, and does NOT sell
  • How to know if you are reaching the right people with your marketing message
  • New business, get OUT of Start-up mode
  • Established businesses, get OFF the Plateau
  • Develop a habit of FOLLOWING UP with leads
  • AFFORDABLE at only $397


VISION - Without knowing where you are going, how do you know you are on the right track? A business plan, goals, your IDEAL client are just the beginning of identifying the needs and direction of your business.

IMPACT - Vague does net sell. Learn how to get your target market to CRAVE what you sell. But first, are you targeting the right market?

STRATEGIES & TACTICS - Know the difference makes all the difference, yet a surprising number of business owners fail to make the distinction.

SYSTEMS - Which ones you really need and keeping it affordable

IMPLEMENTATION - Shelley Mitchell's Secret Sauce making this program so successful it comes with a *guarantee (click to download)  you will make more money.

Emily Rowlands

“Learning about IPA's or ‘Income Producing Activities’ are not only helpful but a MUST for every business owner. Thank you Shelley for enlightening me.”

Shannon LeBlanc

  • “I'm using your Weekly Success Planner and I have to say your call last week kicked me in the Boo-tay!  This is really helping my travel business. I cleaned out/up my office this weekend....Here are the pictures of my binder I created!  I also have a letter I wrote to myself in there that I intend to read every day!  I also emailed my entire list and several people have asked for copies of the planner!  Thank you so much for helping me.”

Nancy Matthews

“Thank you for providing so much value as the guest on our show.  Women's Prosperity Network is truly blessed by your wisdom, brilliance and great sense of humor.”

Missy Lettinga

“After only three months of coaching with Shelley, her strategic and supportive approach propelled me to the next level in my business and personal life.  I am now making more money than I have ever made in my entire career and have the free time to actually enjoy it!”

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Farrah Fontaine

Mary Kay Consultant

“Thank you Shelley, I just finished my best month of the year for my business and also my personal best in SALES in my career”

Michelle Reynolds

  • Shelley Mitchell has been amazing guiding me through the changes in my life. We joke that every Monday it was like Christmas, she never knew what I was going to reveal. On the days I wanted to quit ~ she pushed me, on the days I wanted to jump in ~ she made me think, on the days I thought my life was over ~ she loved me. I have so much gratitude for this lady! If you are even thinking about a business coach, this is your girl! You will be pushed & loved!”

Dawn Burke

Dawn of Designs

  • “I’ve been in business for 15 years & was  I was exhausted, not making enough money & didn’t know why... Working with Shelley for almost 3 months, I have increased my profits in the first month with an additional $2,000! And it keeps on going up! I could not have done it without Shelley! Her program is worth every penny and more! I wish I would have done it sooner!”

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"It doesn't matter what business you are in. It doesn't matter how long you have been in business. I can help you reach YOUR goals!"    ~Shelley Mitchell

Shelley's Guarantee- You WILL see results!